RCDP Newsletter 05/06/19

Whats New at RCDP?

We are excited to announce the RCDP Executive Committee has saved the party thousands of dollars by moving from our current office on Burton Ave to a more efficient space appropriate for our needs. The new office will be located at 714 W. Main Street, Suite 102, Murfreesboro, TN, 37129, effective June 1, 2019.

The money saved from this move, along with your continued contributions, will allow us to conduct broader outreach initiatives to register voters, increase our messaging reach to educate, engage and motivate our electorate, and provide better technical support for 2020 Democratic candidates.

We need to continuously reevaluate and evolve as an organization in order to fulfill the mission of the Democratic Party and effectively represent all Rutherford County Residents. As Ann Richards, the 45th Governor of Texas once said, “change is good because it stirs up the system.”


Committee Updates

A Message from Outreach Committee |  Chair, Carson Turner

It's that time, y'all. 2018 was our best year in a decade--we swung harder than Dems nation-wide and picked up ground in every corner of the county. Now, it's time to build on that progress. On Saturday, May 25th, we'll officially be launching our 2020 field program by reaching out to our strongest supporters. We're recruiting canvassers, phone bankers, organizers, and donors to make 2020 the year we finally flip this county.

More information on the field strategy will be provided at the  May Outreach Committee Meeting on a date to be announced soon. If you have any questions or would like to get involved, feel free to reach out to Carson Turner, Outreach Committee Chair, at outreach@rcdp.org.


A Message from Communications Committee | Chair, Deborah Johnson

The RCDP Communications Committee is excited to announce WE ARE GROWING! With new volunteers, new training, and new opportunities to expand the party's reach, we are laying the groundwork for 2020. If you are a writer, do web design, like to make graphics, or a desire to be a part of the action – we need you to join our committee!

We are also looking for volunteers who like to share on social media to join the Social Media Subcommittee. There will be a team meeting in May to be announced soon. If you have one hour a week to devote to RCDP - you can make an impact on the communications team! Please send an email to deborah@rcdp.org if you are interested in joining the fun!

Letter from the Chair


Mariah Phillips, Stacy Palmer, Dionne Williams-Rogers

Last week, the Tennessee state legislative session finally came to a close. Gov Lee promised to bring people together but instead, his priorities have led to the most harmful, divisive session in modern memory. Being at the Capitol, watching our government operate in dysfunction, confirms what I’ve been feeling for a long time- Democrats must keep fighting for our seat at the table to protect every working family, single mom, senior citizen, and hungry child across this state. I’m glad you’re joining us in this fight. Please consider making a contribution to the Rutherford County Democratic Party to support our work turn Rutherford County blue!


Mariah Phillips

Chair, Rutherford County Democratic Party

Calls to Action

Dream and Promise Act

The U.S. House Judiciary has scheduled a "markup" of the Dream and Promise Act (H.R. 6) for May 8, where they will make substantive changes to the bill. There is a real risk that the Committee will severely weaken the bill by narrowing the eligibility rules. If they do so, it would mean fewer Dreamers and TPS holders getting the permanent relief they deserve. Please take a moment to contact Rep. Scott DesJarlais and let him know you are against any efforts to weaken the Dream and Promise Act.  

Phone:  (615) 896-1986 - Fax: (615) 896-8218  Email: https://desjarlais.house.gov/contact/email-me

Protect our Parks - Fascist Free Tennessee

May 18 | 11:30am

Montgomery Bell State Park | 1020 Jackson Hill Rd, Burns, Tennessee 37029

Montgomery Bell State Park has become a "Destination Location" for white supremacists, Nazi, Neo-Confederates and other bigoted scum. The white supremacists have touted our state's friendly legislators, and their friends inside the state park system and Montgomery Bell State Park, as the reason our state has become a Nazi Tourist Hot Spot.

There may be Tennessee officials who welcome white supremacists with open arms, but the people of Tennessee do not! Please join a coalition of activists, clergy and other Tennesseans as we #ProtectOurParks and say it loud and clear: We demand a #FascistFreeTennessee.

If your organization or church is interested in signing on as a co-sponsor or participating in the rally/press conference, please contact us here or email FascistFreeTennessee@gmail.com.

Click HERE to let them know you are coming!

Upcoming Events

True Blue Tuesdays

May 7| 7pm

219 Mixed Cuisine | 219 NW Broad St.

"For any of you who are sick of Republican politics here in Tennessee, you can help to change that. I encourage you to get involved with the Rutherford County Democratic Party which is actively working on building our Democratic base in order to start turning Rutherford County blue come 2020. Come to True Blue Tuesday in May to meet our new RCDP officers and E. C. members. Working together, we can elect Democrats and make Tennessee a better place to live for everyone" - Chloe Cerutti.




TNDP Elevate Summit 2019

Friday, May 17 – Sunday, May 19, 2019

MTSU Student Union Building, Murfreesboro, TN

The TNDP Elevate Summit is 3 days of workshops (Organizing and Outreach, Organizational Management, Communications, & Advocacy), meetings (TDCCA, Caucuses & more), speakers, and networking to prepare Tennessee Democrats for the current election cycle (2019-2020). Join with Democratic leaders, elected officials, activists, and volunteers from across the state to learn, share, and ELEVATE Tennessee’s future! Click HERE to register!



TNDP Hispanic Caucus

May 19| 12pm

MTSU Student Union | 1768 MTSU Blvd.

¡El Partido Demócrata de Tennessee está creando un programa de camarilla en todo el estado ¿Qué es un caucus? ¡Es un grupo de demócratas comprometidos que comparten una característica, identidad o valor común y desean organizarse para mejorar las cosas! Si desea compartir su experiencia y conocimiento, organizar para cambio y hacer una diferencia, ¡entonces comenzando un caucus es un paso importante!

The Tennessee Democratic Party is creating a statewide caucus program! What is a caucus? A caucus is a group of committed Democrats who share a common trait, identity, or value and want to organize to improve the condition of others like them. If you would like to share your experience and insight, organize for change, and make a difference, then starting a caucus is an important step! Let the TNDP Hispanic Caucus know you are coming here.

Rutherford County Democratic Women Voter Registration Training

May 20 | 6pm

Patterson Park, Room A | 521 Mercury Blvd.

Tennessee is NOT a red state, we are non voting state! In order to flip Rutherford blue in 2020, we need to register at least 12,000 new voters. THEY ARE OUT THERE, let's find them!  

Join us on May 20, at 6 pm to hear from Dr. Mary Evins of The American Democracy Project at MTSU as she shares her years of experience and trains us on registering voters online and by paper. Let us know you will be joining us at this exciting and informative event by registering here.

RCDP Volunteer of the Week



Jennifer Vannoy


I have been actively involved in RCDP since January 2017 and I am currently the President of Rutherford County Democratic Women. During my campaign for State Representative in 2018, I came to the clear understanding that there are way more Democrats in Rutherford County than any of us knew or than were actively involved. Once the 2018 election was over, I began devising and implementing a plan to build a democratic community by meeting people where they are, engaging on moral values and having deep conversations. I believe that when we stand strong in our authenticity and provide numerous paths of involvement, we can and will grow as a party, win elections, and return our government to one of and for the people. You can contact me on Facebook at @JenVannoyTN


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