Our Values

Tennessee Democrats stand for:

  • Opportunity for All
  • Strong Families and Communities
  • Effective and Accountable Government

Opportunity for All

Tennessee Democrats stand for opportunity for all, not just those with the most money or influence. To that end, we work to build a Tennessee that can offer a better quality of life for all who live and work here.

Tennessee Democrats believe in a strong middle class because we know that a strong middle class is the engine that drives our economy. We work to help middle-class families to reclaim their economic security and to help low-income families to build their economic security.

Tennessee Democrats believe in good jobs with good wages and benefits for a hard day’s work so that all Tennesseans can pursue opportunities for a better quality of life for our families, educate our children, and live and retire with security.

Tennessee Democrats believe in partnering with business. We know that small businesses create jobs, sustainable economic growth, and opportunity. Small businesses are the engines that drive a robust economy and so we are committed to making it easier for small businesses to interact with government, make investments, create jobs, hire more workers, and increase wages.

Tennessee Democrats believe that education is the key to opportunity and that every child should have access to a quality education from birth.

At the core of the Democratic Party value of opportunity for all is equality – no one should face discrimination or be denied justice for any reason or at any time on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, language, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.

Strong Families and Communities

 Tennessee Democrats believe in strong families and communities. We value the diversity of families and the traditions, customs, and faith of every Tennessean.

Tennessee Democrats fight for the health and safety of all Tennesseans, not just those with the most money or influence.

We believe in policies that create strong families and communities – including more flexibility and support in the workplace regardless of gender, sexual orientation or gender identity; paid leave to support an aging parent, a family member with a serious illness, or to care for a new child; early learning programs from birth; access to affordable high quality health care so every family can have a family doctor, and a secure, healthy, and dignified retirement.

Tennessee Democrats believe our families and communities are strongest when every parent has the opportunity to earn a living. Tennessee Democrats support equal pay for equal work for men and women so that every family has the ability to be secure in their future.

Tennessee Democrats know that taking care of our families and communities means protecting our families and communities with common sense regulations because common sense regulations protect our children, the air we breathe, and the water we drink. Tennessee Democrats are stewards for our beautiful state and support policies that protect our green spaces in both rural and urban communities.

Effective and Accountable Government

Tennessee Democrats believe that we must stop being for or against government and start being for an effective and accountable government that represents all Tennesseans. We know that an effective government is not intrusive, not oppressive, and not wasteful.

We believe in a government that ensures opportunity for all, not just for those with the most money and influence. In other words, a government that works for everyone who live and work in Tennessee.

Tennessee Democrats believe in effective government and honest leadership, not simplistic solutions. We believe in a government that invests in our families and communities and stands strong for the values and interests of all Tennesseans. We believe in a government that prioritizes for good schools, affordable college, and a living wage.

Tennessee Democrats believe in investing in our future, not selling it off to the highest bidder. We believe in investing in our children, our schools, our roads, bridges and public transport systems, our workers, and our businesses. We are committed to strengthening job creation and the economy to build a better future for all.

Tennessee Democrats are committed to creating more opportunity for those in rural Tennessee by building a strong rural economy with investments in job creation and education.

Too many Tennesseans live without the confidence that they will have a better future. We are committed to working with those communities most affected by poverty and removing the many barriers to equal opportunity that still exist. Democrats believe in a “big picture” approach to fighting poverty and promoting opportunity for all with investments in early learning such as Universal Pre-K programs and affordable college and career alternatives.