Boro Christmas Parade

Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings:

The RCDP will be marching in the Boro Christmas Parade this year. We would love to have all our Rutherford County Democrats there to march or just show your support. (Please check in at Blue Raider Drive off Rutherford Blvd entrance)

Here is some information on the Boro Christmas Parade:

Shuttle Service: we will be providing free shuttle service to and from the Parade. Meeting place will be the RCDP Headquarters on Burton Street. Please arrive between 9am - 12:30pm last ride over to MTSU will depart at 1:00pm

Below is from the WGNS website:


“Star of Christmas”
*Date: December 11,2016
Time: 2-4:00 PM
*Parade Route: The parade officially starts at Middle TN Blvd and E. Main St (in front of MTSU)
and ends on W. Main St. at Walnut St.


*As a parade entry your arrival time and starting location is different from the time and route listed above. 2:00 to 4:00 is the time for onlookers watching the parade. These instructions do not apply to bands, band members, dignitaries and emergency vehicles. They start from a different location.
Please be sure to give all the information in this letter to everyone involved in your entry.

Arrival location: MTSU parking lot directly across from Alumni Drive on campus. This lot is on Rutherford Blvd. and also across from Fraternity Row.

Arrival if you have asked to be judged: 
All entries being judged with vehicles or trucks must arrive by 8:00. If you have walkers or riders to be judged you will need to have 1 or 2 people to check in by 9:00 to hold your place for judging. Your 
entire entry will have to be in place by 10:30 to be ready for judging eat 11:30. Remember that traffic becomes contested in the morning so give yourself plenty of time.
If your group includes a vehicle + walkers your walking participants cannot park in the Rutherford Blvd lot as in the past. You will have to park in other MTSU parking lots. All group members need to be with their entry by 10:30. Do not park in any apartment parking lots or in married students housing located on Alumni Drive. After you are judged you will cross Rutherford and go onto Alumni Dr.

Check-in for all other entries: Check-in at the MTSU parking lot at 9:00 Individuals who will be walking or riding with you can come in to that parking lot and find you there.They won’t be allowed to park and stay there as in the past. They can park in other MTSU parking lots but not in any apartment areas or in the married student parking on Alumni Drive. You may not have additional vehicles in your entry, only the vehicle you entered. You will be instructed where to park. Please park exactly where indicated.

Approaching the MTSU parking lot on Rutherford: The best way to arrive to check-in will be to come down E. Main St. and turn left at the traffic light. The next light will put you at the entrance to the MTSU Parking Lot, on your right. Please tell your participants not to block the intersection on Rutherford Blvd. This is very important to keep traffic moving smoothly. You may come from a different direction but this is what we recommend. After you drop off your participants you will have to leave that lot and park elsewhere.

Decorating: You may decorate your entry in the MTSU parking lot and gather your participants together. You must bring your decorations with you when you come in. When you are completely decorated and “parade ready” you will line up and be sent across the street to Alumni Dr. You must be fully decorated to get onto Alumni Dr. No additional vehicles will enter Alumni including people being dropped off.

(Parade Rules snd Things to Remember on Parade Day)

* Please do not distribute any paper during the parade Most of the parade is on residential streets and we don’t want to cause any litter. No exceptions.

* Don’t distribute any political or business literature. (see above) This is a Christmas parade not a commercial for your business.

* It is dangerous to have kids throwing candy from floats and we ask you to not throw it from vehicles also. While you do not have to have candy at all if you do we ask you to have people walking who can toss the candy to the crowd and hand it out. Thanks!

* There is only one “Santa” in the parade and he is the grand finale. Please don’t have a person dressed as Santa. We would have to ask you to remove your costume. It is ok to have posters, dolls, or a blow up Santa.

* If you are pulling any type of trailer please turn left on Walnut St. You will find places to pull off the road and unload people from your trailer (float). All other entries will turn right at Walnut St. Pleasedon’t stop anywhere on Main St or on the Square to take kids off of floats. Let parents know where to meet your float when the parade ends.

* Please be sure any vehicles in the parade are clean and decorated for Christmas.

* Float entry pulled be a car or truck cannot be more than 45 feet from front vehicle bumper to end bumper of float or trailer.

* You will be judged based upon your use of the theme of the parade, “The Star of Christmas”.

* Be sure your car is in good working order and can drive very slowly over the whole parade route (about 1 1/2 miles) without over heating. Maintain control over your vehicle and be aware that children can run out into the street for candy very quickly so watch the crowd carefully.

* It would be a good idea to be sure your insurance will cover your vehicle and the safety of your participants as well as onlookers who may be harmed by your vehicle.

* You are getting this information because you are the person responsible for the safety of any person who is walking or riding with you on the day of the parade. You are also responsible for your vehicle and for passing the above information along to everyone involved in your entry, including parents. Let them know about these parade rules BEFORE the parade please.


December 11, 2016 at 9:30am - 4:30pm
Boro Christmas Parade
Blue Raider Drive
Murfreesboro, TN 37132
United States
Google map and directions
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