Candidate Selection and Training

Committee Report from Candidate Selection and Training Committee


There are 60+ elected positions that touch and concern Rutherford County in 2018.


We began meeting immediately after the roster was released. Due to the importance of the work, and the size of the committee, we have decided to break ourselves out into 4 smaller sub-committees. The following is a brief description of each committee.


Candidate Interest Sub-Committee: This sub-c's focus will be on announcing, fielding, and contacting those folks whose names have been floated as being interested in running for office, including announcements on the FB page, website, and newsletter. This sub-c will also schedule several Candidate Interest meetings through the summer and fall at the office (and perhaps elsewhere in the county). These meetings will be informal and lightly structured, with an intro and overview of races in Rutherford County, the basics of a campaign, Q&A, etc. This sub-c may also meet individually with interested persons. 


Candidate Training Sub-Committee: This sub-c will be a cyclical, repeated format, informing and educating candidates about the steps involved in running for office. Laura Bohling has structured this approach, and will serve as the leader of this group. The training will be comprehensive, but also tailored to each candidate's unique campaign and circumstances. 


Candidate Interview and Vetting Committee: This sub-c will conduct interviews and do background checks/Google searches/social media reviews/voting record reviews for all potential candidates. Sub-c will draft and create questions for interview process, and will contact candidate references.


Plant-a-Seed Campaign Committee: This sub-c will focus exclusively on those candidates who, for a variety of reasons, are not entering into a competitive race (highly-gerrymandered district, long-term opponent, etc). This opportunity to deepen our pool of candidates, and allow them to gain experience is a new program for Rutherford County Democrats.



If you are interested in learning about running for office, please be on the lookout for our Candidate Interest Meetings, and our Candidate Training Meetings.


If you know of someone who has expressed an interest, and would be interested in a call from a committee member, please email Gayle HERE.